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Providing Healty Super Organic Produce

From reserved farms in Nigeria

About Us

Twindy’s foods and confectioneries is a subsidiary of Brightflow Conglomerate Ltd registered trademark of the federal ministry of trade and investment to produce food, drinks and confectioneries of different types. Our focus is to leverage on massive productions of high quality foods for Commodity Exchange, Domestic use and international consumption.

We have the expertise, technology and knowledge to create a massive organic food production and agriculture system in Nigeria. This will create sustainable job opportunities for millions of Nigerians with the need of food, energy and power.


Although we export our products to various countries worldwide, our headquarters is based in Cross River State, Nigeria, where we also produce genuine merchandise from raw materials produced in the country.

Our Vision

Twindy’s Foods and Confectioneries exemplify a range of diversified concepts attached together by a shared commitment to be the most loved and accepted food production brand across West Africa, whilst providing our staff members and associates opportunities for business development and growth.

Our Mission

To remain consistent and relevant as we go all out deliver excellent stakeholder experience and value addition in the provision of fresh and affordable agricultural products.



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